Cotton and linen with embroidered lace and cashew flower in navy blue Scarf

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Scarves for Women, Wrap, Hijab, Head scarf, Gift wrapped, Head Wrap, Wraps for Dresses, and Scarves as Tops.


  • Materials: Cotton Viscose
  • Length: 180 centimetres
  • Width: 90 centimetres
  • Inches : 35.43" x 70.86"


     This sophisticated material is a cellulose airy fiber, soft & printed Colorful scarf that fits for any age and occasion, easy to wrap due to its lightweight texture, can be use for everyday style. 


⚫ Care Instructions
It's best to hand wash in cold water. If choosing to wash it with a washing machine, put it in a washing machine bag and use the gentle or hand-wash cycle.